Sculpt Inbetween Editor 1.0

Ok, here we go with the release of this tool. If you have been following the previous post you probably have notice that I changed the name from Sculpt Inbetween Manager to Sculpt Inbetween Editor. Well, I have to be honest that I have some concerns of what you probably will deal with using this tools because might not be easy to understand right away but I can really say that I really try to make it the most intuitive powerful and reliable tool to sculpt not only correctives in the pose but also add inbetweens and make this target even more important.  I’m sure that people will find bugs, hopefully nothing too crazy but if that happens, send me the error message so I can try to fix it on my spare time. Save your work before and during the usage of this tool and keep in mind that I used a hack to let the UNDO working in sync with maya scene so don’t expect that it will work all the time. Well, I don’t want to explaing all the usage here now but I can say that I will be posting more documentation in Images, text or videos soon.

Compatible:  Windows / Linux / MacOs

Maya2012 or above required

         Download          Documentation Page


To install:

– Place the script files into the maya’s user scripts folder

  Ex:  C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\scripts (Windows)

– Place the icon files into the maya’s user icons folder

  Ex:  C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\MAYAVERSION\prefs\icons (Windows)

-To automatically install the icon of the tool into the selected current shelf  go to the Maya’s bottom mel command line and type

  in this order pressing ENTER to each command below:





Those are the videos that I made in Beta version witch was not release to the public.

The videos has no audio