Sculpt Inbetween Manager (Beta)

dslSIM is a tool that took me almost one year to develop. It’s a tool that gives the user the possibility to bake(PSD), mirror targets, edit their deltas and administrate inbetweens.  I first started to develop this tool with the motivation to not only have a missing ibetween editor in maya but also learn more programming and for the challenge to understand the PSD calculation. I have to be honest that I couldn’t complete this without the help of friends and a lot of research. Thanks to everyone who have helped me!!

The original blendShape node offers a great option to add ibetweens but unfortunately Maya doesn’t provide any UI to manager and that’s where I came with this idea to create “Sculpt Inbetween Manager”. It’s a big script containing  almost 5000 lines of code wrapping some Maya API modules for the calculation of the PSD and lots and lots of lines for the UI to manage the original blendShape node. I can say “sculpt” because you can sculpt on pose and use the built in PSD to revert the shape also “Inbetween manager” because it gives you the ability to move, copy, paste, delete, edit and mirror the correctives inbetweens. I Will be releasing soon after I finish some documentation that I will be making through videos. For now check this one to see the basics of what the tool can do and feel free to post some comments.

The videos has no audio